Over the past 40+ many families have written positive thoughts about Art Scott and the impact his teaching has had.   Hear are few of their thoughts and expressions...

Our children have been studying piano with Art Scott for about 16 years. Before they began, we had read of the positive correlation between studying piano and doing well in mathematics.

Over the years we have witnessed this phenomenon first hand. Our children have done extremely well in math, consistently placing in the top percentage on standardized tests. Most recently our two oldest sons showed the connection again.


One got a perfect score on the math section of the SAT test and the other missed only one question.

 We would highly recommend studying piano from Mr. Scott just for the pure 
joy of music, but the academic benefit is a great plus."

- Paul and Robin Gerrard, Laguna Hills,CA


Two of my children have Autism.   

Mr. Scott has a unique approach.   

He makes it fun and understands how my

children think and process music.


Their previous teacher would yell and scream at them and they had no clue how to work with Special Needs children 


My children love to

express themselves through the many exciting Mr. Scott gives them.  Mr. Scott makes sure they challenged and motivated yet never overwhelmed.


Typically Mr. Scott will play three choices and allow my children to choose which piece they enjoy the sound of rather than just dictating his taste.


 I highly recommend

Mr. Scott.      

DR, Villa Park, CA

Mr. Scott has a passion for teaching

young people.  He knows how to motivate and challenge students to keep excelling.  

Six of my children have

all enjoyed his teaching skills.

GM, Coto DeCaza


My three children thoroughly enjoy Mr. Scott.  He shares the JOY of Music and knows how to

transfer this JOY to my family. I have noticed how 

much he cares for each student

and knows how to motivate each one individually.

PR, Ladara Ranch, CA


Mr. Art Scott is an amazing piano teacher. He taught my son for almost 2 years and he went from zero to playing Amazing Grace on both hands in less than one year. He is kind, patient, and very good with children.  Highly recommend! 


Richie Dobbs, Real Estate Agent


We brought Mr. Scott into our family to teach how to play the piano to our twins, Ryan & Shauna. Mr. Scott was always on time, prepared and had a great attitude every time he came to our house. He's extremely knowledgeable about music and has a friendly personality and gets along with everyone. We loved having him visit us every week, and we highly recommend him!


Bob S., Internet Marketing Expert

 (Aliso Viejo)