Art Scott has been in the Piano Business for over 40 years.   He is originally from the East Coast.    Art has been to factories where he has seen new pianos manufactured from start to finish.    In addition to have a degree in Music Education, Art also has an MS in Counseling. 


He knows every Piano Store in Orange County and is very selective with his referrals.    There are great pianos and inferior ones.     It would be a privilege to help you learn how to shop for pianos; the right questions you need to ask are a phone call away.     Studio # 949.454.1221  

Art offers free advice and is happy to refer you to Piano Tuners, Technicians and even shops which can fully refurbish and refinish Pianos. He helps families find the perfect Piano or Keyboard on a weekly  basis.  


If you have a Piano you wish to sell, Art can make some great suggestions so you can sell it quickly and get top dollar.

You can trust the sound advice that Art Scott offers, free of charge.    Art can help you save time frustration and help you save money as well.   It is unecessary to travel from store to store and wonder who is telling you the truth or is something is a 'good deal'.   A 10 minute phone conversation with Art Scott recently saved one family $17,000 on the purchase of a fine European Baby Grand; the original price was $35,000.

Piano Lessons for the Whole Family!