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Every Child Deserves a Music Education 

  Introduction Program    

Basic skills are taught during the first 6 months to one year.   This period of time is crucial as it lays day a solid foundation for future pieces.


Every child, teen and adult learns at different rates.  

Art Scott offers and personal one on one approach and adopts weekly goals to accomodate students with busy schedules.   A realistic approach involves parents monitoring daily practicing and setting up a schedule daily where it becomes a priority.

  Beginning / Intermediate and Advanced. Students are Welcome!

Art Scott has many students who started with him as a beginner and advanced, sometimes rapidly.     Sometimes students will transfer from other teachers either due to lack of success, boredom, personality conflicts.    Mr. Scott is always willing to do what is best for the student.    He is not the right teacher for every student, however, he reccomends parents try several teachers and choose a teacher who is able to challenge students to become their best.    Music Education if taught correctly is fun coupled with hard work.


Mr. Scott is privileged to have hosted over 100 student recitals spanning over 40 years.   He uses recitals not as a time of competition but as inspiration.     When students are parents here other students it is a huge benefit.    Students and parents develop critical listening skills and are able to witness true talent coupled with hard word and diligent practicing.    Mr. Scott has a firm policy that no student is allowed to perform unless they are fully prepared, eliminating stage fright and the normal fears associated with public perfomances.

Weddings / Funerals / Specials Events

Art Scott is called upon often to provide background music and accompanying skills both at weddings, fuenrsals and special events.   Feel free to call him direct to discuss your Musical needs.     949.454.1221