The First Note


I am thrilled everytime I teach a new student no matter if they are 4 - 5 - 6 or 80.    To learn how to locate notes from the music staff and find them on the keyboard takes time, encouragement and patience.    I always encourage parents to learn along with their children.

Teach In Harmony


I teach harmony and music theory in every lesson.    It is unecessary to spend elaborate time on paper work and have students fill out elaborate theory lessons.    Music theory can be taught along with the lessons, ongoing.

Students learn Music in many different ways...


Some students learn best by ear.    Some also have a great visual process of learning music...I call it Kodak.   Still others learn best by rote or tactile sensation.    Lastly, when a student becomes very advanced, they can learn best by analyzing the chord structures and instead of memorizing huge passages of indiviudal notes, they learn a summarization of chord symbols, usually one or two per measure.

Truth be known, most students are a combination of some or all of the above.

  Art Scott 
I am grateful to so many Musicians who have poured their life and soul into mine.
Although I am a Classically trained Pianist, I enjoy all genres of Music including Jazz, Improv, Gospel, Sacred.
Self-expression is a gift from God.

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Art Scott teaches in all of Orange County, CA.    For more information your welcome to call him direct at 949.454.1221 or email:    mraspiano@yahoo.com

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